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  • High-strength load receptor
  • LED display
  • American standard fixed shackle
  • Infrared remote control
  • Available Capacities: 1000 kg , 2000 kg to 5000 Kg
  • High Capacity Rechargeable battery
  • Units: Kg/ Lb
  • Resolution (Division) switch

Product Descriptions

The new CSC OCS-X crane scale provides the most efficient, simple solution to suspension weighing at an affordable price.The scale has a large light red LED clearly visible from long distances and benefits from a long life internal 6 v/4 ah rechargeable battery.An infrared remote control is supplied as standard, to enable the operator to stand at a safe distance.Hold, tare and zero features come as standard and there is an easy to use digital calibration routine to ensure weighing accuracy.The OCS-X provides a value for money solution for any industry.

Accuracy Class : OIMLIII
Tare range : 100%F.S.
Zero range : 4%F.S.
Safe overload : 120%F.S.
Ultimate overload : 400%F.S.
Overload alarm : 100%F.S.+9e
Battery : 6V/4Ah
Adaptor : DC7.2V
Battery life : >80h
Temperature range : -10℃~40℃

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