• Counting function
  • Rechargeable battery back-up
  • Programmable auto power saving function.
  • Battery level indication.
  • Weight indicator with 6 25mm digits on a backlit LCD display, which are clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions, and waterproof keyboard, with 5 functional keys.
  • Body Structure: Powder coated mild steel
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 2500 kg.

Product Descriptions

Easy to use and handy pallet trucks with integrated electronic weighing. It is fitted with 4 shear-beam load cells, that guarantee the maximum precision in the weighing applications, and a multifunctional weight indicator, with large backlit display that allows an optimal reading of the weight in any lighting condition.

  • Zeroing, Tare
  • High Resolution Weighing x 10
  • Net/Gross or lb/kg conversion
  • Totalization
  • Formula weighing
  • +/-checkweighing
  • Percentage weighing
  • Counting

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