• Pit less & Pit mounted weighbridges
  • Capacities : 20 ton , 30 ton , 60 ton , 80 ton ,100 ton , 120 ton
  • Dimensions from 6 x 3 mtr , 12 x 3 mtr , 18 x 3 mtr
  • Modular panels made of heavy duty steel beams
  • Rolling surface composed of steel chequer plate with high thickness 8/10 mm
  • Easy access to load cells and junction box through removable access hatches on the surface platform
  • Stainless steel compression load cells
  • Finishing in industrial epoxy paint color
  • Suitable for an intensive usage

Product Descriptions

Metal weigh bridge, modular construction, with transversal access lids at the top and joints of the modules, easily removable, facilitating maintenance, inspection and cleaning operations.

Extremely reduced height, can be fitted, elevated or easily adapted to existing foundations. Compact equipment with fully electronic technology with latest generation load cells compression, analogue or digital.

Innovative vehicle weighing pit less and pit mounted weighbridge, easily transportable and installable thanks to the reduced height and weight. Designed and built with very high quality materials, this represents the most efficient solution for saving time, space, and money in comparison to the classic weighbridges

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